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new smartermail design page is cut off on settings page

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  • new smartermail design page is cut off on settings page

    OK need some help - tested this on a couple of websites - new smartermail layout cuts off parts of the settings page and no way to use it. You try to use a mouse and it simply does not allow you to scroll to see the complete page.

    I'll attach an example - if you go to into smartermail and go to the settings icon you'll see you are unable to see the forwarding email area completely and it's being cut off.

    This needs to be fixed - anyone know who to contact???

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    ebeegirl I logged into smartermail and navigated to the settings area but was unable to replicate the view you have. To the far right there should be a scrollbar, please view this within the video at: This could be a setting on your desktop browser minimizing the window.


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      thanks - I just tested it on another computer - one has samsung screen the other viewsonic and happening on both. The only difference I see is we have the 3dcart log in info at the top which I can't seem to get rid of. The 3dcart online store manager I would think could be minimized some how?? I'll show you what I mean from this picture I'll attach for you.

      Once I log into smartermail you would think this would not then show at the top of smartermail?? How can I remove it as your smartermail does not show this as it looks to be hard coded on ours as any computer I try I am having the same issue.
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        ebeegirl I see you are logging in through the admin which uses the auto-login feature. I tried that but still couldn't replicate this. The message at the top disappears after I logged in. Can you try going to the address directly and logging in? I want to see if bypassing the autologin will help.


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          thanks - that did the trick - may want to let your guys know about this issue as I have always logged in via the admin panel. thanks for the help!


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            My pleasure to help, we"ll continue to test on our end and report the findings to the developers. Thanks for the feedback!