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Drag and move for main product image no longer available??

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  • Drag and move for main product image no longer available??

    OK I must be losing my mind with the new platform.

    We've always been able to rotate images on a product and select one to use as the main image. Say I have 3 images for a product, I have image #1 as my main image, then later in the year image #3 would become my main image.

    In the past we could simply drag and drop any image into the main image slot. Now we are no longer able to do that??? We have to copy and paste image jpg's locations?? So say I want image 3 to be the main image now so I copy "assets/images/raw-orange-blossom-honey-gallon.jpg" and place it somewhere say to notepad.

    I then take the main image "assets/images/raw-orange-blossom-honey-gallon-wide.jpg" and paste it into the location of image #3 thus replacing image 3. I then have to go to notepad or wherever I saved the other image "assets/images/raw-orange-blossom-honey-gallon.jpg" and copy and paste it into the main photo slot.

    Does this sound about right?? There is not way to drag an image up to become the main image and vice versa?? I know this can't be correct?

    Could someone please tell me how to drag and drop images now - I'll attach a .jpg to show everyone what I mean. Need to simply drag an image up and make it the main image now without spending time copying and pasting which reminds me of the 90's.

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    Yes I am sharing your frustration here! I agree with you 100% this really needs to be changed to enable us to more photos around.

    It would also be really useful if you could quickly add a blank photo field where you could type the file path name in to add a new photo instead of using the RIDICULOUSLY slow 'use images you already uploaded' button (we upload our images via ftp so it's quicker to just add the file name but without an available field we are unable to do so)