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Reward Points - Anyone Using the Custom Event Points

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  • Reward Points - Anyone Using the Custom Event Points


    I was wondering if anyone is using the Custom Event Points feature of the Reward Points Module?

    I was hoping to use the feature to promote doing Product reviews by awarding extra points.
    I have been experimenting and it is quite confusing. I can't make heads or tails of it.

    The popup appears everywhere regardless of where the script is placed and the popup window only talks about Creating an account (and poorly formatted at that).

    If anyone has successfully implemented this, I would appreciate the feedback.

    Thank you!

  • #2
    Same issue.
    Almost 1 year later and still nothing has been done to correct the issue?
    It would be a nice feature if it worked or even if the popup text wording was editable.


    • #3
      Hi chuck

      I am unaware of any outstanding issues with the custom events point module. Could you please submit a support ticket and clarify what issues you're having with the feature? If you already have the ticket, please list it here so we can keep an eye out for it. As for editing text on the popup, that can typically be done in Store Language and on the html template itself - which can be found in your common folder. The template for the popup is called rewardmodal.html

      Also, I realize this is an older post, but lazarusjl , if you're still having issues with the custom event points feature, please let support know as well so we may follow up.



      • #4
        Hey 3dcart-Henry ,

        Thanks for the follow-up, but we decided (after all the issues) to go with Zinrelo when we launch our new Core Theme.

        Thanks anyway for all your help,



        • #5
          Hi Henry,
          I did open a ticket (ELY-164-87037) which was partially answered. The developers did fix the error they discovered while working on the ticket.
          However, there is still an issue with the popup display, in which it contain a bunch of random characters on the top grey area of the popup.
          Regarding editing the popup text contents via the template in the common folder. There is no common folder listed under Themes, edit html for this core theme.
          As another suggestion: A nice feature would to have a widget that would cause a popup to appear when a viewer was attempting to leave the site without making a purchase. The widget would be activated by mouse movement away from whatever page the widget code was placed on. ie: the viewer starting to close the page. The popup could contain a promo code to prevent the potential customer from leaving the site.


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            widget is useless in current form ...


            • #7
              Hi again, chuck

              I've asked the support managers to look into the delay on that ticket. In the mean time, hopefully the following can provide some answers.

              ...there is still an issue with the popup display, in which it contain a bunch of random characters on the top grey area of the popup.
              I noticed the same thing with mine (although to a lesser extent than yours). Fortunately I was able to fix it on my test store fairly easy. Try going into the module and click on the "Restore Default" button for the widget code. Save, then click on the view store button (to clear your store's cache) and try the popup again. Let us know if that still doesn't fix it.

              There is no common folder listed under Themes, edit html for this core theme.
              I assure you it's there! :-) It's just a little hard to see. Here's a screen for reference to help.

              As for the editing the popup modal itself, I discovered there's a couple of different sections to do this. Most of it is in the Store Language, but there are a few hard-coded elements in the HTML template from common folder. I went ahead and created a new KB for reference which you can read here:

              The KB article has more info, but here's a quick and dirty reference guide for all the areas:

              As another suggestion: A nice feature would to have a widget that would cause a popup to appear when a viewer was attempting to leave the site without making a purchase.
              We actually have something like this already. It's called 3dBoost and it lets you do all sorts of advertising popups and banners - including the "Wait! Don't Go!" type banners. It's not directly tied to the Rewards program, but it's pretty easy to configure the popup contents to show whatever you'd like to use.

              It's available as an add-on. Here's more info on the app:

              I hope this all helps!