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question on changing product weight from .csv file

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  • question on changing product weight from .csv file

    ok since the update I am unable to figure out how to change the product weight of various items. We used to be able to download a .csv file and do it this way. Now can't find weight on any download that is available to us "product inventory", advanced options", etc. Could someone please tell me where to find the info so I can do a download versus changing each product individually. Can't find it on any of the attached downloads, so I must be missing something, where is it located? Thanks!
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    If all you are looking to change is the weight of products, you could make a custom export, with just the ID + weight, that way the file will be quick to process.
    You can then export/download the file, change it, then import it
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      You can also easily change the weight under Products>Product List>More (Dropdown)>Batch Update. No messing around with importing/exporting.