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Help Icon/Popup on Listing_0.html Template

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  • Help Icon/Popup on Listing_0.html Template

    If anyone could offer any suggestions, it would be great. I had a ticket in on this but supports answer for all of them was "i don't know, you may be able to use javascript but you would have to know some advanced html and/or javascript for this". I'd appreciate any thoughts or ideas to try - I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure things out - got close but not 100% successful.

    Here's the issue in the code of the listing template....

    If I keep the 'onClick' - the popup comes up at the very top left of the listing page versus staying close to the options area (making the customer have to scroll down from the header area to the options area where they were originally viewing).

    If I change the 'onClick' to 'onMouseover' - the popup still views at the top left - but within the customer viewing screen (keeping them in the general option area but still at the upper left hand corner - however, with this way at least it's not popping the customer up to the very tip top of the product listing page).

    Popup Questions...
    1. With either option (onClick or onMouseover) how do I designate where the popup text box opens? I'd like the pop-up box to open at the lower right hand corner of the customers screen.
    2. Time Lapse - on either option, the time from when a customer clicks or mouses over is extremely long. I'd like to shorten the time frame, so that they don't get click happy.
    3. With the 'onMouseover' option, I'd like to have the popup close automatically by adding 'onMouseOut' - what code would I use/where would it reference to upon mousing out?

    Ideally - I'd like to have the customer mouse over the help info icon have it pop up to read, and then disappear when they mouse off. Right now as I have it coded...when moused over the help box pops up, and stays up - if you mouse over another help icon, the text box will change to it - but then the customer need to click to close the box.

    Here's a snippet of the line and what I currently have code wise in the listing_0.html template....(located in the opt-regular block under all the options)
    <td valign="middle" class="price-info" align="right"><!--START: help--><a href="#" onMouseover="popup('optionhelp.asp?optionid=[optid]',300,200)"><img src="assets/templates/common/images/help_icon.gif" border="0" alt="help"></a>

    Also - does anyone have any opinions as to whether these type of codes/scripts effect search engine crawling. Support said it shouldn't - but after researching various codes online, I've also come across some caution statements when utilizing these types of codes/scripts with pop-ups. I don't want the popups to be a pain...just a quick help reference for the customer.

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    it could be something with your browser or other setting...

    popups in general are tricky because so many started using for advertising and browsers and other software block those scripts.

    it looks like you are using the default popup script provided in the cart? if so, it should generally work unless something else is conflicting with it.

    3dcart is right, you will probably need to be comfortable with html and javascript to achieve this.