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Adding Hidden Products to Phone Orders (and POS)

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  • Adding Hidden Products to Phone Orders (and POS)

    We stopped using StoneEdge on Jan1 and have switched to Ecom and are using 3dcarts Phone Order system to create new orders for phone/email orders. We are also using the 3dcart POS app in our store.

    One problem we keep running into - we have some products listed on our website that we are not allowed to sell online. We also have another product that the manufacturer has had a price list issue with has only given us pricing for 4000 of the 7000 part numbers. In both cases, we have them marked not for sale which puts up the "Call/Email to order text on the site"

    The issue is that neither the phone order or POS system will allow these products to be rung up.

    I have tried hiding those items but it still won't put them on a phone order (haven't tested on POS yet) That also is not good because then I lose the SEO on those products (we want people to find them online and call us to order)

    What is the best way to allow a product to be sold on phone orders while also being displayed online (but not allowed to be sold there)?