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Email Not Requires - Still Get Error on Check Out

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  • Email Not Requires - Still Get Error on Check Out

    On our store, we do not tick "Email is Required". We do tick "Enable Email Confirmation"

    So, we do not require an email but if they do use an email, we want them to confirm it by entering it a second time.

    We have an issue. If the customer does not enter an email address (because it is not required), when they go to check out, they get an error: "Please confirm your Email."

    So, both Email and Confirm Email are blank but I still get an error: "Please confirm your Email."

    The code from 3dcart that I believe throws the error erroneously on the single page checkout is this:

    //<!--START: confirmemailscript-->
            if (document.billing.billing_confirmemail != null && document.billing.billing_confirmemail != 'undefined') {
                frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_confirmemail", "maxlen=100", "Max length for Email is 100");
                frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_confirmemail", "req", "Please confirm your Email.");
                frmvalidator.addValidation("billing_confirmemail", "email", "Please confirm your Email.");
            //<!--END: confirmemailscript-->
    GonzaloGil Can I edit the code above to fix this issue?

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    kbscoatings Thanks for reaching out regarding this. You can modify the code but if the changes you make breaks the template all we can assist with is reverting the code back to default. But the "enable email confirmation" requires the email to be entered.


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      OK, so you are saying this is by design.

      3dcart-William Few Questions:
      1) Why would Multiple Page Checkout (On Common Core) allow for "Enable Email Confirmation" and the email to be blank and not throw this error? Shouldn't Single Page Checkout (On Common Core) and Multiple Page Checkout (On Common Core) function the same?

      2) On the Back End, why would I be able to tick "Enable Email Confirmation" when "Email is Required" is not ticked? You are saying that "Enable Email Confirmation" requires "Email is Required" so why would the 3dcart back end allow me to tick "Enable Email Confirmation" when "Email is Required" is not ticked?

      I am looking forward to your response so I can understand this better.


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        kbscoatings 1) In the first post there wasn't a mention of it reacting different on mulit-page checkout. I agree that is should react the same on both settings and this should be reported to support so they can get the developers involved. Can you submit a ticket to support with this information?

        2) You should be able to confirm the email without it being required. But if "Email is Required" is checked the it must be entered. Merchant sometimes don't want to force a customer to enter an email address but if they do, make sure they confirm it. But we can make sure once the developers look at the ticket and confirm which is the default functionality.


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          3dcart-William Thanks for getting back to me. I agree with what you are saying and it seems like a bug one way or another. I would prefer it not require an email but if there is an email entered, I would like to see it confirmed.

          Ticket: #CPR-168-17121 has been submitted.


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            kbscoatings thanks for the feedback and ticket, its my pleasure to help. I will see if I can get someone on this right now, I'm shooting for an answer before the end of today. Thanks again for the information!