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    Support says that there is a setting in my Google account for country restriction. I cannot find one and Googling says that all restrictions are set by the search string sent to them, which I do not control.

    Can anyone else find a setting in Google? Support was no help on this.

    @GonzoloGil jimmy3dcart


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      there is no such setting ... it's just bad app that shouldn't be used in any decent store to avoid customer frustration is quiet, they probably know app is not working..just turn it off as we did ..


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        Last update from tech support:

        Hello Dave,

        We had our developers look into this again and were able to discover an issue.

        We have since sent this over to them to correct. As soon as we have an update, we will be sure to let you know.

        Apologies for any confusion.

        Note: Issues escalated to our developers generally takes 2-3 weeks before a resolution has been reached. However if sooner, we will be sure to let you know.





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          Hi DaveW

          We looked into this for you and we found a few things. More on that in a moment, but first, my apologies for the more recent confusion from support on this. The "country restriction" setting they were referring to is actually the Shipping Countries list inside the 3dcart admin (Settings >Shipping>Country List). I believe when the developer advised them about it, the setting was misunderstood as being something inside the Google settings rather than the store admin setting and it was communicated incorrectly. Again, my apologies.

          So after looking at this a little closer, we found an issue with the way the module was implemented. The Autofill module was configured to use the store's Country list to determine which countries to autofill from. The logic behind this was that - if you don't ship to a particular country - then there's no reason for the autofill to populate that country. If you only have a few countries on the store's country list then it would work well. However with many countries on the store's list, it creates a limitation. The reason it was returning mostly AU & CA addresses was because Australia and Canada are (alphabetically) at the top of the country list, and it was running into the listing limit before it reached the other applicable countries.

          We're working on a fix this limitation so that it returns more realistic results to the form while still adhering to the store's applicable shipping countries.


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            Support thought they had this fixed today and had me re-enable it - I got the same behavior with AUstralia and Canadian addresses showing up. I Let them know.

            I also trimmed my country list down to USA and Canada and it makes it work. I haven't decided if I want to keep it like this or now....we do sell some international to other countries, but they have to contact us anyway for shipping costs.



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              Hi DaveW

              I'm afraid that message you got was an automated message from our support ticketing system that was sent to you rather prematurely. In a sense, the email you got was really intended for ME.

              When I reported this issue to the developers, I used my own internal test site. For all intents and purposes, I was the "merchant customer" in this case, and the report was created in that mindset. So the developers fixed the issue and left it open for me to further test it and so we could tweak it further if needed.

              However, your original support ticket was somehow added to my report after I created it. So when the developers fixed the issue on my test site (for further testing) the system sent you an automated reply stating that it was fixed. I should've been the only one notified, but because your support ticket was also attached to my report, you were sent that email. My apologies.

              On the plus side, the tests I've been running on the fix look promising, and I think we'll be releasing it soon.


              Jokes aside though, when I tested it, it worked fine whether I had all countries or only a few countries listed in my test store.
              So while you await the fix, you can add your countries back to the list.

              Again, sorry for the mix up with that automated email.


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                LOL, makes more sense now. :)

                Thanks for the update