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    I am trying to set up a pricing structure/promotion that will allow wholesale customers to "Buy 6 products and Get 1 Free (of the same or different product)" and then multiples of that, say "Buy 12 and Get 2 Free", etc.

    According to support, the only option is Buy 1 get 1 Free.

    I have seen a few User Voices with the same idea, but they have been shut down due to low votes.

    I personally don't see how hard it would be to upgrade the current code in "Buy 1 get 1 Free" that 3dcart has going now.

    I have tried several options but nothing will work. Does anyone have any ideas?



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    I know this is not perfect but what you can do is graduated pricing to reflect the same discount. Trouble is its not like a coupon - here you have to explain it!

    Buy 1 get one free:
    Buy 1 $10.00
    Buy 2 $10.00

    Buy 6 get one free:
    Buy 1 $10
    Buy 6 $50

    or buy 7 for $60

    Buy 12 get two free:
    Buy 1 $10
    Buy 12 $100

    or buy 14 for $120

    You do this on the product page under discounts - I have not tried it under groups options which I think would be for different items.
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      Hi Kelly,

      I did look at this option, but it became too messy, and confusing.

      Some of their features are great, but incomplete like this one, and the POS module to name some. The POS is one that has me very disappointed with, especially when you see that the top rated providers have them, and they work great too.

      I really believe that these little restrictions that 3dcart has, stop it from becoming one of the better all round ecommerce providers.

      Thanks anyway, I will keep trying or hoping for this feature!


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        That a look at - you like it let them know California Academy of Health sent you. They have a shipping manager that has customization as well.


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          Hi Kelly,

          Thanks, I will look at it, and see if it will work for me.


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            For anyone who is interested in this feature, I have created a uservoice.


            Feel free to vote if this is something that appeals to your business.