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MailChimp - Exclude Unsubscribed From Sync

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  • MailChimp - Exclude Unsubscribed From Sync

    Mailchimps new pricing structure goes by "contacts" and not by "subscribers" anymore. Any tricks on keeping the unsubscribed contacts from being synced to mailchimp?

    Kinda silly to pay for an extra 50k+ contacts that don't receive newsletters...

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    JoeBTI I was getting ready to set up my mailchimp integration / account. Can you tell me the difference between the two? Wouldn't everyone on your list be getting newsletters at some point?


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      Contacts in mailchimp is your entire customer database that 3dCart syncs over. Subscribers are the customers within your contacts that are actually subscribed.

      We only send newsletters to our subscribed customers. Its bad practice to send newsletters to customers that are not subscribed.

      Their old pricing plans (On another store I have) goes by the number of subscribers. The new plans they rolled out with is by the number of contacts that you have.


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        Ahh JoeBTI , thank you. I didn't realize that 3d sent over every customer that has come through the store. Perhaps this is something that should be adjusted on 3d's side? At least an option to do so? Just thinking out loud here. This is pretty big considering how all of the email service providers, now marketing providers, have increased their functionality (and pricing).


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          An option to exclude non-subscribed customers would be awesome.

          Right now you have to move them to "archived" in mailchimp and they don't get counted as a contact. (Or permanently delete them) Sadly you can only move 100 to archived at a time...Definitely a lot of work to move 50k...Also, this would need to be maintained daily or weekly for new customers that get synced over daily.


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            JoeBTI Thank you for that info. Can you create a uservoice entry for this? I would upvote it. Not sure how many on 3d use MailChimp, but I have to think the # is pretty substantial, and there is a lot of $$ at 'risk' here... or a lot of time / energy spent.


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