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Google shopping feed - products not being included

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  • Google shopping feed - products not being included

    Can someone please help me determine what I'm missing in trying to get my products into the google feed? I can add them manually and it works fine, but I'm having no luck adding them in bulk via csv, so I must be missing something.

    If I manually edit my product in the 3dcart web interface by going to the advanced tab, then edit the "google merchant feed" info, the product shows up in my google shopping xml file just fine. If I export products in the google products feed data I can see it there too. If I then create a CSV file with additional products, with the same exact format as what I exported, then import the CSV file, 3dcart reports a success on the import, but the products do not show up in my xml file. I also tried exporting files NOT in the feed, editing them (and leaving them as-is), importing that CSV file and still no luck. It's as if there's a per-product setting somewhere else that needs to be toggled that I'm missing. Can anyone point me in the right direction?