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  • Pricing On Products With Options

    I am hoping that someone can help me out with this challenge, for if there is no work around, I think I just ran into a major limitation of the app that will have site-wide ramifications for our store.

    I have a lot of products that come in different sizes, so for this example, I will use an essential oil I am working on: Let's call it X, and it comes in 1/2oz, 3.3oz, 16oz.

    I just set up the 'base item' (1/2 oz), the options for the larger sizes, and the advanced options for inventory control. When it came time to handle pricing, I put in the price for the 1/2oz, the upcharge for the larger sizes, etc, and now I can't put it on sale because there is only a sale price for the base item, and no other options. Also, I need to have a base price for each item as well as a sale price field for the options so that when someone makes their selection, the base price adjusts as well. This is a double whammy. [See the photo attached.]

    With an ever increasing database of products in our catalog, and I am sure this is for a lot of people, I would like to consolidate products with option sets and have better control over them so that I don't have 1000's of products for people to sift through when looking for what they want.

    Also, I think it is a good thing to be able to select whether or not we want the +$amt to show in the options selection... some things you want people to see that. Other things, like sizes, people don't need to see that. They know a larger size is going to be more money.

    Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Is this something that 3d would consider adding? A more robust way of handling products with options and different pricing parameters would be awesome.
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    image is to small to see anything...


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      Thanks kalaja ... does this link help?

      Let me know, thanks.


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        We all have the same problem.. its a massive problem. There is no workaround except to give every item and its qty a unique SKU which is not great for the end user. The problem is further debilitating when you want to do price changes since the product name is not in the advanced product options file.

        And its not just a problem for us webmaster/admins.. it confuses the customer and they leave the cart without making a purchase.

        3DCart is making Shopify look a lot better these days.


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          Hey [email protected], thank you for responding. I want to make sure I am clear as to what you are referencing that would make having a product with options 'better' on 3d. If a product does have options, fields that should be available to fill in are:

          Option Product Name
          Option Product Price (vs having it be +$)

          Quantity Discount Table Calculated Based On Total Amount Of Product, Even If It Is An Option With A Higher Price

          I am constructing a workaround using the upsell items, but it is far from ideal and very work heavy. I have 4 shopify stores and can tell you that natively, it doesn't handle the option names any better, and they don't have quantity discount tables (you have to install an app for that, usually for a fee), but I agree that there is room for improvement in how 3d handles this situation. Large catalogs need to be consolidated using options, and we need option functions that support their use.

          Quick Update 8/27 - After I wrote this, I got an email from BigCommerce about this very issue, and what they did was put a check box near the option set that one would want to have append the product name (xxxxxx). So if I ticked size, it would become xxxxxx 7oz, xxxxxx 14oz as those options are selected, etc. Very smart way to do this.

          Here is to hoping that the powers that be read this and see the benefit of adding these functions / adjustments to the app.
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