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Quantity Discount Chart On Products With Options

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  • Quantity Discount Chart On Products With Options

    I am having a quantity discount chart issue on products with options. When the option is selected, the price and loyalty points change with it, but the pricing in the quantity discount chart does not. Perhaps I am mistaken, but shouldn't the quantity discount price readjust to reflect the change in pricing? Customers are very visual and simple minded (in that they don
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    Can you try using a different browser? I am wondering if an extension of your browser is causing this as we can't replicate it.

    The question you have about pricing, the pricing will not change, but if they add to cart with a quantity that has a discount, the price will reflect that in view_cart. I guess it would be possible to add some JavaScript to the product page to watch the quantity field and change the pricing displaying on the page, but it isn't a standard feature.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      GonzaloGil I just switched from chrome to firefox, and got the same thing.

      I appreciate the insight. Is it a big deal to add that JS to the apps functionality as a whole? I know a lot of people want to have products with options and use the quantity discount feature - that is a huge incentive to buy more. These kinds of things I personally prefer to have as core functionality vs adding things on. One of the (many) reasons I left shopify.


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        I am having a quantity discount chart issue on products with options. When the option is selected, the price and loyalty points change with it, but the pricing in the quantity discount chart does not. Perhaps I am mistaken, but shouldn't the quantity discount price readjust to reflect the change in pricing? Customers are very visual and simple minded (in that they don


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          GonzaloGil FYI, I just tried posting form Safari, which has no plugins. Same issue.


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            We have the same problem. Most of our products have a zero base price, with the selling price being determined by the options. AND we have a 12-step quantity discount that is essential to our pricing structure. We have selected "Apply Quantity Pricing Discount to Options." Although the cart correctly shows the quantity-discounted price, the quantity discount table (as displayed on the product page, see below) only reflects the base price, which is zero in our case. We need the displayed quantity pricing to show the correct amount. This is a make-or-break issue for us. Anything you can do?


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              Well, sadly, I got my answer about this feature. I was referred to an internal member of the 3d team who gave me a quote to get this functionality added to my site, and it was between $800-1000 minimum, which is beyond my reach for 1 feature that sadly I feel is incredibly important to the user experience. When I read about the top reasons a customer bounces, surprise charges during checkout is always at the top of the list. Yes, I understand that the discounted price will show in the cart, but even with that said, they will go to said cart with a different price in mind (the one that is showing on the product page for the lower priced item), and even the discounted amount will seem like a bait and switch tactic to get people to purchase larger sizes that carry a higher cost. Again, I open this up to my fellow forum members to see if anyone has figured out a way to work with or around this limitation, for many of the products I sell come in multiple sizes / with features that carry a higher cost and need a discount chart to reflect this. Thank you.


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                Our solution was to disable the display of the discount table on the product page. The discount is still calculated correctly when you add to cart, but at least the incorrect discount table is hidden. To hide the table you will need to contact GonzaloGil who can modify your product(s). This has to be done on a per-product basis, but Gonzalo modified all our products and provided a template so we can enable the table for individual products if required. So far we've left the table disabled for all the products. Hopefully the discrepancy in the discount table will get fixed in the future, but in the mean time hiding the table is an acceptable solution.


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                  Thanks psmart - I totally understand. We have 2 product templates - 1 is for streaming / affiliate / referral products - and it doesn't have all of the 'normal' product page information there. I guess we can do that for the discount table as well, but would really prefer not to do that since so many of our products have upcharge variations, and it is important for us to encourage higher volume sales. Customers in our industry are notoriously frugal, so this feature is something we really want to bring forward. As you said, hopefully this functionality will be adjusted in the near future so that everyone can benefit from it. I am not a programmer, but I would imagine it is pointing the calculation engine at a different target than where it is now. Of course, that may just be fanciful thinking talking.