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    I am getting around 4-5 cart abandonments each day. Sales amounts vary from small to large. Seems step 3 is the most common exit point. I wish I could identify the failure. It's not declined credit cards and probably not shipping, because the ship rates are reasonable. I email customer, but don;t get responses. I wouldn't think customers would enter all this personal info only to abandon at step 3.
    I seem to think that maybe people are entering dashes or space in credit card info. Anyone suspect this problem? Anyway to fix it?:confused:

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    If you could answer that, you'd be a millionaire. People abandon for different reasons- chicken out, they use that step to view shipping, etc. There are many reasons, and it frustrates every e-commerce operator.

    You could put an incentive or message as a custom display at that step!


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      How does 3dcart handle the entry of a credit card number with spaces in it?
      I think this is the reason for some abandons. People can't figure it out. I've had some calls regarding "I can't figure out your website" when I try it and it seems pretty straight forward.
      If shipping was the issues, folks would abandon waaaaaay before entering personal info.


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        I had a customer call me last week and was frustrated that she couldn't get her order to go through. She said that she was getting an error message after entering her credit card information. She also indicated that she used several credit cards and that none worked.

        Frankly, this was the first time that I have received a message like this. I immediately thought there was a problem with the gateway. While I was investigating the problem, she called and said that she was putting spaces in with her credit card number and after removing those, she was able to process her order.

        I haven't had a lot of people abandon at Step 3 - it's usually Step 1, but I am planning to add a custom note to not include spaces. As far as cart abandonments at Step 1, I've learned that a portion of those customers will likely come back either later that day or week to place an order - at least that's what I assume when I compare items in the cart that were abandoned to actual orders.


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          I also get a lot of abandon carts at step 1. I get very few abandon carts at any other step. And thus far I have not had any issues with credit cards and spaces.


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            Half abandon at step one and the other half at step 3
            I guess no one is using "Check Shipping" costs prior to check out!
            There is definately something going on. That many folks wouldn't enter all their personal info. I have it setup so you can check shipping BEFORE enterring ANY personal info. That is one of the things I like most about 3dcart. I despise sites that wont let you check shipping without entering your life history! :rolleyes:


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              I removed the 'Check Shipping' option - I thought it was very confusing.

              I also had customers not able to enter credit cards because they were using dashes or spaces. I changed the description of my Online Payment method to the following:

              Pay securely online via credit card. Your financial information is not shared with Cobweb Corner. Do not enter spaces or dashes when typing credit card number.
              This seems to have helped.

              I also have VERY good luck when I contact a customer that has abandoned their cart. I only contact if they are at step 3 or 4 and I wait at LEAST a full 24 hours.

              Here is the text I use in my email to customer's who have abandoned their cart:


              We noticed that you recently visited [store_name], but you did not complete your order.

              We have had some customers believe they finished their order when in fact it had not been submitted. If you did not want to complete your order then please ignore this email, and I hope you will visit Cobweb Corner again in the future.

              However if you did intend to submit your order then please use the link below to open your order so you can complete the remaining step(s).


              Your order is complete when an order number has been assigned to you. You will also receive and email confirming that your order has been placed.

              Thank you again for shopping at Cobweb Corner
              Carla Ekman

              Order Summary
              code for order follows.
              Hope this helps
              Carla Ekman
              C Ekman
              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                We have been live on 3dcart about 4 months and we only very rarely get someone from out of the country attempting to place an order, but I'm starting to see a pattern: about every time we have an error with the payment on the last page, it has been from an international order. We just had another one today.

                What can we do? Sometimes it is declined credit card, sometimes it is that AVS mismatch error, etc. I wonder if this is an issue related to how they enter their personal info on the checkout for different countries? Help!


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                  I changed my message when a credit card is not 'valid' to state that they need to make sure to NOT use dashes or spaces when entering the card number. That has helped somewhat.
                  C Ekman
                  Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                    Originally posted by cekman View Post
                    I changed my message when a credit card is not 'valid' to state that they need to make sure to NOT use dashes or spaces when entering the card number. That has helped somewhat.
                    That is a great idea. We have the note below the field that says this and shows the obligatory example with x's. Where did you update this? Was it in store language, a template, or somewhere else?


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                      I lied - there isn't a place to change the error message - which is what I thought I did.

                      I just went in and did a dummy order.

                      I changed the text of my Payment METHOD itself. It says:

                      <<Pay securely online via credit card. Your financial information is not shared with Cobweb Corner. Do not enter spaces or dashes when typing credit card number.>>

                      I searched the language section and did not find the message - because now that I think about it - that is probably handled by the credit card processor. I use PAYPAL PRO - they must need the number passed to them without spaces/dashes.

                      Anyway - I've had fewer problems since I changed the text to the above - but still have one every once in a while.

                      Sorry for the mis-information - I knew I put it somewhere.
                      C Ekman
                      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                        How to capture email address for abandoned carts

                        (also sent to your email address)

                        Hi Carla,

                        I saw your post re abandoned carts and the email you send.

                        We are planning to switch from Miva to 3D soon.

                        How do you capture their email address to send them the form email? With Miva, or any cart, if the customer doesn't send the final submission page, and they haven't registered yet, we have no way to contact them.

                        Does this populate automatically, or are you doing these manually?:

                        Thanks for your help.

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                          Hi Bob,,

                          The email address is captured at checkout as soon as the customer enters it, the order doesn't need to be completed. This is how the Not Complete orders have an email associated to it, and it's a standard feature with 3DCart. You'll also see the contact information including phone number if it was entered.

                          The Link to continue the order is populated automatically, you can send these to a specific customer, or you can actually email all customers that abandoned the cart over X hours ago.


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                            Like many of you im frustrated with abandoned carts but like many others have said most of those customers come back and finish the purchase later sometimes an hour sometimes a week theres many who just comparison shop for the lowest price and even though..... it says free shipping when a customer clicks on the item I see many try to find shipping prices by going through the process
                            those who got to the point of entering E-mail addresses and I contacted actually did return and finish the process one called me because she didnt want to give her card over the internet

                            New guy coming over from Mivo
                            welcome to 3dc hopefully you have great successes

                            I just wish 3dc would include a bit more HD space in the packages but thats a pitance for everything else they provide