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Need help edit credit card payment tx box

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  • Need help edit credit card payment tx box


    I need to edit "Card Number" to "Enter card Number" and change background color for the enter txt box to white. Some people are having a hard time seeing it. I am having a trouble finding where to edit it. The txt does not appear to be in System Messages or Store Language.

    It looks like this is Stripe code - not sure I can change it???
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      There is no way to do it right now, this is stripe JS and it comes directly from their server, automatically changing based on language of the browser etc.

      They do have some options to change the placeholder on the javascript but that wasnt implemented, and i wouldn't change it as that means making changes to the checkout and can cause issues.

      I will explore if we can pre-set those to the language fields, so that gives you the ability to change them via the admin...

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        Thanks - ya we have had several customers that seem to get stuck with entering in their card - now I realize this is probably user error - but we need to make it as simple as possible.