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Editing Product Template Via FTP

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  • Editing Product Template Via FTP

    I'm already lost, can anyone help? :(

    If you are looking to have the part number show on all items, then you can just edit the main product template.


    What i recomend is that you FTP into the server and go to


    Download all templates.

    Now, go to

    /web/assets/templates/[TEMPLATE YOU ARE USING] example, "layout1"

    and upload all those files.

    This way the common folder serves as your backup, and when you place templates inside of your theme folder name, it uses those instead of the common templates.

    Okay, I downloaded an FTP program from the web (SmartFTP 2.0) but I don't know how exactly to use it... lol. Can anyone explain how to do this?

    I guess this learning curve was a little bigger than I bargained for (coming from MC). :o

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    Hi Crash,

    I'm not sure about SmartFTP but I guess they're all pretty much the same, I use LeechFTP but you can even do it with the Internet Explorer.

    After connecting to the server (you'll need your server name, username and password) you should be able to see the main folders, all the website content is inside the WEB folder.

    Then you have to look for the HTML templates, these are located under WEB/ASSETS/TEMPLATES, and there is a separate set for each one of the layouts , just choose the one you're using. If you're not sure about the layout you're using just check from the Store Manager under SETTINGS > DESIGN > THEMES & STYLE.

    The product and category pages are under the COMMON folder, from here you can download the html pages and edit them using Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

    I hope this helps you a little...


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      I tried a couple and settled on CuteFTP (30 days free trial). For some reason it was easier for me to follow.


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        Thanks guys, I got all set up on LeechFTP.

        I have 'connected' to the server and I can even find the folder I am looking for however I am still confused by the 'download all templates' and 'upload all those files' part of the instructions I posted above.

        I simply want my part numbers to appear on all product pages. :confused:


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          Download all templates.
          I think what Jim meant was download all "files"--not "templates"-- that are in the common folder. Download those to your computer and leave untouched for backup (in case you screw up :p ).
          Your product page templates are listing0 and listing1 (based on the style set for the product). Make your changes to them and save with the same name, but save in
          web/assets/templates/layout# (use the layout# for the template you are using on your store)
          When you upload the new listing0 or listing1 you'll see the changes in your store when you refresh the product page.
          Hope this helps some.


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            Thanks to you all, I think I'm getting the hang of it! I've been changing and uploading my 'listing_0.html" file all day and finally managed to get the part number to show exactly where I wanted it.