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  • Customer Group Minimums? Sort...

    Some of my Customer Groups will have order minimums and some won't. For those that do...I would like to designate an initial opening minimum order with a reduced or no minimum requirement after the initial opening order. I thought I would be able to change the ordering minimums by the actual customer (e.g. go into their detailed, personal customer page and manually adjust the minimum setting) - but unfortunately could not locate anything...nor did I see an area where we might be able to add an additional field here. I figured I could make up an additional Customer Group (e.g. "Established Wholesale Level 2" with a minimum or zero) and then manually change their assigned group from the Initial to the Established Customer Group setting - but was hoping for something a little more automatic - any other ideas?

    Sort wise on the Customer Group screen - I know we have the search field...but would like to be able to view ALL groups by alpha, description (where I've designated a percentage discount), OR actual Price Level #. I'm using all 10 levels with multiple customer groups assigned to various ones. Should probably put this in the wish list section too - but anyone have any thoughts on a get-around?

    Since the sort just follows the Group name in Alpha and that's it...I decided to place L1 (or whatever level the group was set for) right before the Group Name (first column), so that they will view in corresponding percentage/group (first) and then alpha (second) order. This way if I have more than one group assigned to a specific level, I am viewing them together (e.g. a wholesale and family/friend discount for Level 3) - and also on the drop down list in the individual Customer Info view, the groups are in price level order, so it makes a little more sense.

    However, if anyone has done anything different, feel free to share - this approach has helped and is working - just not sure if there's another get-around that I may like better...thanks!