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  • Questions About 301 Redirects

    We have switched our store over to our 3d cart and set up our 301 redirects in settings -- general -- 301 redirects. We pointed our name server to our new shopping cart yesterday and our site has switched over but the 301 redirects are not redirecting. We could not find any information on this topic in any of the tutorials or software manuals and was wondering if we missed something or did something incorrectly.

    For example in 301 redirects we entered the following information.

    Old URL
    New URL

    We did submit a support ticket regarding this problem today but was curious if any one may offer a suggestion how to remedy this.

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    the redirects work a bit strangely

    for example

    would actually redirect visitors who came to this page:


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      support ticket

      I think they have to enable it. I have had the same issue in the past on a few of my stores, but it was quickly resolved once I submitted a support ticket.


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        Yes, I agree I think it's something that 3dcart has to initiate. I had a support ticket in for one of our sites once we switched from another provider several months ago. They handled it pretty quickly and everything worked fine after that.

        Not sure about how 3dcart's response time has been lately to support requests, but they're fine-tuning everything for the next software update/release. So hopefully you'll still get a response pretty quickly.

        Welcome and by the way...very nice site! :)