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  • Quickbooks and Sales

    I am unable to sync my Quickbooks with 3dcart as it isn't supported with a mac or I am in Canada or for whatever reason.
    My question is
    How would I enter the sales into my Quickbooks?

    For example
    Sales for Tuesday $800 --- $100 was shipping $20 was tax #1 $5 is tax #2
    Also, the cost of the product sold, how would that play into it?

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    Danita you will need to export the orders from within the store admin via csv to get the file. Afterward you will need to import that file into quickbooks, but keep in mind you will need to format the file to quickbooks specification for importing. You may need to contact intuit for that. If you have any question about exporting orders feel free to reachout via email @ [email protected] or call our toll free number: 800.828.6650


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      We have the same problem.. It simply doesn't work unless you are an Excel ninja. So all web orders from 3dcart have to be entered manually into QB.

      3dCart and QB need to make nice with each other already.

      If anyone knows of a simple workaround, please advise.