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  • Low email delivery rate

    Has anyone been getting much lower email delivery rates in the last year or so? Ours went from about 50% down to about 20% and never went back up. This is when you click on the Report button at the top right of the screen of the newsletter section.

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    You may want to consider using Sendgrid for your outgoing email. Sendgrid verifies that your SPF, DKIM and DMARC configuration is correct for optimum delivery. If your outgoing emails are very low (less than 100/day), you might even be able to use their free account. The next step up is only $14.95/month and allows 40,000/month. If you're mailing big-time, you can pay a little more and get your own dedicated IP addresses.

    The Sendgrid reporting allows you to track every outgoing email and see whether it was delivered or opened. I was able to get it to work with 3DCart by using the "Mandrill SMTP" module.

    I had a bit of trouble at first because the Mandrill API Key setting only allows 50 characters and the default Sendgrid API key is about 80 chars. However, Sendgrid allows you to set up an extra "teammate" user and create your own username and password. You can then use the "teammate" username/password for the SMTP credentials.

    I've been using multiple Sendgrid accounts (for big and small clients) for over five years. I've tried Mandrill, but they force you to use MailChimp (which I did not need or want). Sendgrid focuses on making sure your mail gets delivered. If you have problems, someone knowledgeable usually responds quickly (unlike my experience with Mandrill and others). Sendgrid has other other optional marketing services if you want, but you're not forced to pay for what you don't need.

    If 3DCart wanted to expand their "Mandrill API Key" field to handle 100 chars, then they could probably support most of the third-party SMTP services. They could easily create a generic "External SMTP" gateway module by just renaming the "Mandrill STMP" module.
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      Thanks for this.


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        You're welcome.

        I just checked the stats on one of my Sendgrid accounts and it had a 30-day delivery rate of 96.73%. The click rate is 59.24%, bounce rate of 0.45% and no spam reports.

        The number of emails sent out on this account was around 11,000 in the past 30 days.

        Sendgrid does not charge extra for multiple domains (they only charge for the number of emails sent). So if you have multiple shopping carts or servers with different domains, they can all use the same Sendgrid account. One of my Sendgrid accounts has 20+ domains.


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          Also, Sendgrid keeps track of all your bounces. If it detects a bounce or invalid email address, it automatically blocks it and will not let you send to it a second time. You can download a list of all the "bad" emails and use it to clean up your list. I've gone a step further and use the Sendgrid API to automatically get the blocked emails and then clean up the master list on our database (on a non-3dcart server). However, you could probably do the same thing using the 3DCart API. I'm using the 3DCart API for other tasks, but I have not done anything with emails yet.