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  • Edit verbiage on the home page

    How do I edit the verbiage on the home page? The stuff in Latin.....


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    Hi Jamesiv1

    That placeholder text can be removed using the Page Editor on the Home Page.
    You can get to this by going to Content >Site Content. Click on the "Edit" button for home page, and then click on the "Launch Page Editor" button. The placeholder text is located on the footer of the page and you can edit/remove it from there as needed.

    For more information please see the following article:

    Thanks for the question and I hope this helps!


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      Hi 3dcart-Henry

      Thank you for your reply.

      When I click "Launch Page Editor" button, I am taken to

      I cannot edit the page..??


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        Hi Jamesiv1

        I just checked the page you referenced and it now says "Welcome To Putnam County Online Store. " So it looks like you were ultimately able to edit it. :)

        When the page editor is launched, you should be seeing a couple of small boxes that you can click inside of and add additional content. So I'm not sure what may have happened in your case when you tried originally.

        I didn't notice any issues when I tested earlier, but if the page editor isn't working for you, please let our support team know so we can look into it further

        As an alternative, you can usually bypass the Page editor altogether by clicking on the "View Source" link right under the launch button.

        Instead of using the Page Editor to add/change content, that "View Source" link will let you use the basic WYSIWYG functions instead.


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          Hi @3dcart-Henry,

          Thanks again for your reply. Yes, I poked around and found the "View Source" link > WYSIWYG switch and was able to edit it :)

          Thanks again.