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How do you get accurate rate quotes for multi-item orders?

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  • How do you get accurate rate quotes for multi-item orders?

    My products are mostly glass dinnerware, so they are bulky and heavy. I'm shipping with UPS because for packages over 5 pounds, it's cheaper than USPS.

    When you ship I multiple item orders, 3Dcart does not provide an accurate shipping quote to the customer because it doesn’t include the dimensions when sending off the weight to the ups api to calculate the quote. So for example, right now shipping 1 bowl from CA to NJ costs $27, but shipping 2 bowls costs only $17. My multi-item packages are taking away from my profit because of the cheaper shipping quote given to my customers.

    I've spoken to 3dcart about this issue, and here is their response:
    When multiple items are shipped the combined weight is factored in. Unfortunately the dimensional size being used is not specified.

    We offer our merchant an option of using pre-defined box dimensions. The store will send the appropriate box size(s) to the carrier for a more accurate factoring of the shipping costs.

    My fulfillment center has 8 different box sizes that they ship with, and we use different box sizes based on the volume of the items, rather than the weight. Sometimes we have really long items like a long platter for sushi , and other times we have normal plate sized items. I feel like at best it will really just be an estimation every time I quote the customer for shipping rates.

    I'm curious if anyone else has run into this issue, and how they resolved it. Thanks for reading! :)

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    You'll never get the rates 100% accurate. The pre-defined boxes should help only if you add the dimensions for each product. Sounds like the difference is the due to the dimensional weight. Have you negotiated the dimensional weight divisor?

    Not sure how good your discounts are with them, but have you looked into their new Simple Rate program? Its flat rate shipping...


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      Have you looked into advance shipping manager? It costs, but they are responsive. We do not use them personally, but have contacted them and they answered quickly.

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