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Customers not able to see shipping or enter their CC info?

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  • Customers not able to see shipping or enter their CC info?

    We handle several stores for our customers and have been getting a lot of calls recently about not being able to get past billing and shipping information. Can't select their shipping rate or even put in their CC info to pay.

    Most of our customers are on IE, not sure what version, did the update create a glitch or what?!

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    IE is the problem. We just got a surge of people from the weekend complaining about this. The shipping rates in IE are not calculating after they enter the billing & shipping info. Also, many were unable to reset their password cause it kept saying "invalid verification word", which is impossible cause we use the invisible recaptcha.


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      Yea that is what I figured. Trying to communicate with all of our customers to start using a different browser or update to the new Microsoft Edge. Seems like the calls have gone down.


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        Customers unable to checkout on one of two of my websites. Go to checkout and the page loops without fully loading. Anyone else having issues?


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          Having same issue on two stores with not being able to enter CC information. Also Net:30 customers click submit order and nothing happens. Many lost orders.