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Emails not coming through now

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  • Emails not coming through now

    This just started about 50 mins. ago. Order emails are not being sent out via 3dcart. Was alerted when we received a payment notification from paypal. Not sure if also impacting CRM emails yet. This happens about every 6 months for some unexplained reason and really hoping not happening again. I typically will call in to make sure 3dcart does not start blocking our IP address - I will give it a bit of time and hope I don't have to send in a ticket.

    So has anyone else noticed today email order confirmation not being sent out? Thanks!

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    Just spoke with support - sure enough emails are not coming through at all to us - happens about every 6 months - have no idea why? All I know is hopefully soon all of our emails orders - customers emailing us, etc. will flood our inbox.


    • #3 shows everything's fine but it isn't


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        Yes I've learned over the years that the status page doesn't always reflect issues that are happening. Our emails, CRM's anything coming from 3dcart were not coming through - happens I would say every 6 months or so - tech support got it fixed. No idea what the issue was just general reply is that the issue is resolved.