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Checkout Page Broken By 10.3.2 Update

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  • Checkout Page Broken By 10.3.2 Update

    Has the checkout page for anyone else been messed up since the 10.3.2 update? Both of our sites were updated earlier today, and now the single checkout page on both sites are completely mangled and pretty much unusable.

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    We don't use Single Page checkout, but whatever this update is has broken our Multi Page checkout 2x now (so far) since mid October.

    The latest issue is that on our Multi Page checkout, during the transition from Step 2 (choose shipping method) to Step 3 (billing), it suddenly changes to force you into Single Page checkout.

    We specifically coded our Multi Step process to walk our customers through the checkout process -- nice and easy and straightforward -- so when it suddenly dumps you into Single Page it's a mess (besides us never having coded Single Page templates to look good aesthetically, the overall layout is muddled, buggy, and confusing as hell).

    Really awful and going on day 4 of no resolution.

    Sorry I can't help with your Single Page issue, but I can at least tell you that you're not the only one going through checkout issues after the recent updates.

    Is there no way to have something in place like "Don't touch my freaking website"? Really annoying to go to sleep with your site working fine, only to wake up with updates that you didn't want or ask for and it's broken. If an update was security related that's one thing, but otherwise don't change my site!

    Rant over...for now.


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      I think I narrowed down the problem to the 3dCart back end using the template from the common directory instead of our modified template located in the default directory.

      I have two emergency level tickets submitted for both of our sites (WZE-893-84846 & LMW-235-51811) but have not received any reply to either yet. I have two businesses dead in the water until this is resolved.


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        They initially told me that any update changes that they make only apply to common files, not custom files, so they said that it must be something that we did on our end (it was not anything that we did, and we use custom files that weren't touched anywhere close to around when this issue started).

        Their solution was to delete ".old" from the file names, and I don't know much about this kind of stuff, but I had a 3rd party developer that we use follow those instructions, but the issue persisted.

        The first instance of broken or otherwise not-as-we-wanted checkout happened mid-October. Then it was fixed for a day or two, and now this issue popped up and has been going for a week +/- now with no update on my support ticket for the past couple of days -- it's tragic.


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          Our tickets have been escalated to next level support. There is no indication yet as to the cause of the problem, so I am not sure if it is the same issue you are seeing JR123. As no one else is reporting this issue, it would appear to be unique to our sites.


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            Just my opinion here, after 10 years with 3dcart, it's safer to not modify your checkout page. It's just the nature of 3dcart and the way updates work that there could be conflicts as their updates happen and I wouldn't risk my checkout page becoming inoperative without my noticing. With your cases, I'd check to see if your modified/custom CSS file could be causing the issues. If you don't know how to do that, contact the shaun at this link, pay his hourly rate, and he'll probably have you up and running in a few hours.


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              Thanks bzeltzer

              We've been with 3DC since ~ 2009, and have never had an issue like this before, so we have never felt that customizing checkout was a detriment.

              Yes, you're right that there have been times where because we've customized our checkout, certain updates are NOT automatically applied (since it's a custom file, I guess), but since we don't care about offering Stripe payments or whatever a lot of these updates contain, it's never been an issue for us.

              This circumstance is an entirely different animal -- whatever update they implemented actually broke the way it's supposed to work (and had been working, without issue, for years).

              I appreciate the advice re: checking the modified CSS, and I'll reach out to Shaun. Thanks!


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                warrisr not sure if it's the same issue as you, either, but there's definitely something going on if we're both having some sort of issue -- not sure when yours started, or when the new version(s) rolled out, but for us it was right around 10/14 or 10/15.

                We have 4 sites with 3DC --> 2 of these sites have had a good amount of customization over the years, and 2 of the sites have had virtually no customization done at all (I'm not a coder, programmer, etc., so on those 2 sites where minimal work has been done, there is only so much that I could have done myself to customize them), and yet, the issue that we're having is present on all 4 websites at checkout. The exact same issue: go from Step 2 (Choose Shipping Method) to Step 3 (Billing) on the multi-step checkout, and instead of proceeding to Step 3, it redirects you into One-Page (Single Page) Checkout.

                So while I have no idea what's going on, and can't seem to get an answer from tech (yet, but hopefully SOON), it's definitely seems to be something that's out of my control.


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                  JR123 We have the ticket with our developers and is at the highest priority. You should also get an update today via email. We will keep you update via email regarding the ticket progress. Thanks so much for your patience!


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                    3dcart-William thank you! I just received word back from tech support.

                    warrisr no idea if this pertains to your situation as well, but this is what I've been told:

                    "An update regarding cc encryption was released, which is causing this issue. If the checkout step 3 template is outdated or not compatible with the new encryption it forces to single page.

                    I double checked and all 4 of your sites are HTML5. So, by defaulting the checkout step 3 template, you should be good"


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                      JR123 Yes those are notes provided by our development that the tech relayed to you. If you have any question you can reply to the email and he will answer.


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                        warrisr Just letting you know that we were able to get this issue resolved by switching to a default template, but you have been using the Single Page Checkout so I'm not sure if there are "old templates" for Single Page as well (that may now be outdated after the encryption update that they rolled out with the newer version) -- just in case, you may want to look into using an updated default Single Page (?) to see if that works.

                        For us, we used the new default Checkout Step 3 and just re-coded it with the styling that it had before (when it was working prior to this issue), so it's basically back to what it was after doing so.

                        Anyway, that was the fix for us in the multi-step checkout, hope it works for you too.


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                          JR123 Thank you for following up on this with me. Switching to a multi-step checkout template is not an option for us as our single page checkout template has been heavily modified for our business needs. I think the problem we are having may be a bit different than yours.

                          The problem has not yet been solved, but 3dCart has been keeping me up to date with their efforts to fix it.


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                            warrisr you got it! I hope that whatever your situation is gets resolved soon!


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                              Both of my sites are hosed, both use customized single page checkout. @3dcart-William
                              Can you PM me?