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  • Malicious hits?

    I'm really at my wits end! My site is being hit thousands of time per second by someone, and it is resulting in a complete shut down. The tech support team is doing their best to block the ip address, but it keeps changing. Is anyone else having this issue???

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    Yes. We have been having the same issue recently, too. It might be contributing to the utter lack of sales the last couple of days (NOT at all typical for us), but who knows? It definately bogs the site down!

    We've also submitted a couple of support tickest and are confident that the 3dcart geeks will find a solution - like they ALWAYS do!



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      Well, as predicted, 3dcart added the guilty IP addresses to our "blacklist" of disallowed sites inside of an hour of submitting a ticket!

      We also found out that blocking specific IP addresses will be a built in function of their upcoming new software release!

      ...very cool!



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        Yep--it is pretty amazing how fast they respond and get us up and running again. :)

        It's just really strange that this keeps happening--I've had a web business since 1999, and this is a first. Whoever is doing it is using a different IP address each time, which makes it has to be constantly monitored.


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          How can i know if someone do this too my site?


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            The last I heard it may be a ScanAlert/HackerSafe crawler issue, not necessarily a malicious attempt to shut us down--may be just some new way they have of testing that is proving to be a problem to web sites. Don't want to alarm anyone needlessly :)
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              I had in the past a few issues with this.

              I signed up for ScanAlert, and, however, their scanning tool adds products to cart and records them as orders. Really frustrating. I have nearly millions $$$ in orders!!!!!!!! Their software musters up hundreds or thousands of orders to your cart! The sales reports of 3dcart are reporting these orders from Scanalert, so the reports aren't accurate.
              Also, I think the port scan of your site by ScanAlert goes against your bandwidth allocation for the monthly period allocation. I haven't had problems lately, but, during the roll out in 2007, it was an issue. I guess I should open a ticket to see if they can remove orders from the ScanAlert process, but, I'll just rely on my own figures for now. :(
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                Mark - The thing I find weird about your Scan Alert issues, is I used to have the same problems you mentioned when I first joined 3dcart (I also use Scan Alert). These problems lasted for about 2-3 months, but then just went away. I don't know what happened, as I didn't do anything.