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What template does the UPS tracking use?

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  • What template does the UPS tracking use?

    Apparently, this does not use the ups-tracking template. Because I modified it and the changes wont take. Anyway to modify what the customer sees on the UPS tracking page?

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    It has been a while since I looked for that page, but have you tried to edit shiptracking.asp?


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      how do you edit asp? All the templates are html


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        I believe there are some ASP pages which you can actually access to edit. They are in the root of the site and can be accessed via FTP. Someone else may chime in and let you know this is not the case as I am not sure about it.

        Also note, I am not sure this is even the right file to edit for what you want to accomplish. You would have to test it to find out.


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          Okay, thanks. It definately is not using the template that it should be using. Not sure why 3Dcart does that. I guess they have a reason. I can't change what information is presented to the customer, and this is a downside to the cart. :(