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Billing Info before Shipping Info?

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  • Billing Info before Shipping Info?

    Is there a way to setup Billing Information collection prior to Shipping Information collection? I have been shopping Internet since it's inception and nearly all sites ask for billing/credit card info prior to shipment info. This is confusing some customers and I have had to add a text note indicating that billing info will be collected on a next page. Still, I think it drives away conversions.....This just rubs the wrong way. Any way to change the information collection steps?

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    I think a one page checkout is coming. That might be something you'll find pretty cool!

    But, I think the reasoning behind shipping first is to be able to offer shipping costs to the customer as soon as possible. Shipping cost sticker shock is one of the leading causes to cart abandonment. So, if a customer misses the carts ability to enter their zip code and preview shipping costs, they'll see it in Step 2.



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      It is weird that they are backwards but I will agree with frik I have a lot less abandoned carts due to shipping cost shock. I love that people can dump things in the cart and see shipping costs before having to provide any information.

      Although it's backwards in the long run it is better to have billing last. I can't wait until the new upgrade is finished!! So much exciting stuff and one page checkout will be awesome.


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        ...but I will agree with frik

        So, how do know I'm not Frak! Of course, I might just be Frik, but I might be Frak! Then again, I could be --



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          " I love that people can dump things in the cart and see shipping costs before having to provide any information."

          Well, this is partially true. They DO have to enter information to determine shipping costs. Many don't see the enter zip code for shipping charges and think they have to enter all their shipping info, which they MUST do. Many shoppers (including myself) will NOT shop a store if I can't find out costs prior to entering my personal info. Enterring personal info prior to full disclosure of FINAL PRICE is the biggest hiderance to Internet shopping, in my opinion. So, in a sense, 3dcart has it in the right direction, getting ship cost prior to enter sensitive info. But, still, the shiiping info prior to billing info is backwards in the grand sense of Internet shopping. I guess I just need to empasize they we can provide a final price without enterering any identifiedable info. How do you business folks accomplish this? :)