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    Does anyone use this feature? I can't seem to get it to work properly. Especially when you get to shipping. And, the main reason customers want to submit a phone order is to prevent their info being on the Internet. However, when you do a phone order, your customer info does just that, goes out on the Internet. So, the phone order feature seems pointless, as I can figure, right? Am I missing something?
    Here's an issue. I took a phone order. Processed and shipped. Later, the customer visisted my web site and entered their name. It showed them as a previous customer and had their all their personal info. I got a call inquiring how we had their personal info when they never placed an order online. WHOOPS. I'll never take another phone order 'till this is fixed

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    I think the intent of the Phone Order system is to allow us (owners) to be able to to take an order over the phone and process it through the 3dcart system. i don't think there was ever an intention to come up with a way for customers who found us on the internet to be able to place an order off the internet. We can accommodate that with our wireless terminal, but...

    We don't use the phone order system much. It's worked fine when we've used it, though. We typically just step through the checkout process for the customer. Or, as mentioned before, total up everything manually and process their CC trough our wireless terminal. The problem then is that we must go in and manually adjust our inventory levels.

    To slightly protect the basic information of customers that we enter into the database, we always enter a temporary password when creating their order. That should prevent the non-sensitive shipping/billing information from being displayed. It's odd that it would display at all though. Is it possible that you went in from an "incomplete order" (using the open order link) to complete their order? I'm not sure how they would have the cookie in place to view the cart? Hmmm... Might be worth asking the tech support geeks about that concern, Mark. That one's a bit weird!



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      I think they are revamping the phone order section to make it better. They've mentioned it before when I talked to support about it. I had so much trouble trying to use phone order that I don't even use it. It kept dumping everything and i would have to start over...too many issue.

      I just go through as a regular customer would and it works out perfectly because it puts the order in with the normal flow plus it pulls it from inventory. For me that is the easiest.


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        We had the same issues with the phone order, we just couldn't get it to work properlly, so we do the same. We enter the order through the cart, just as our customers would. However, it would be nice to have the phone feature work at least for us.

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