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batch printing orders problem

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  • batch printing orders problem

    We've been having a problem with the following, we would like to print our orders in batches but when trying to do so (select the orders then click on print selected orders) the layout of the orders print wrong. Half of one order will print on the next page etc. It's not working. Did or does anyone else have this problem or had this problem in the past? Can anyone let us know how to fix this or is it fixable?

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    Sounds like the page break has been moved or removed. Have you edited the template? If not you may want to open another version and compare the code for where the page break is and see if you can find anything obvious. Otherwise you may want to open a support ticket.


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      I have the same problem. Also, same problem with packslips. There must be no page break on the template. Also, would like to remove the breadcrumb from the packing slip. Can someone help how to fix these? Thanks.


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        I suggest you open a ticket - I use the batch print every day and mine is working fine - but would like to remove the footer too.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Yes, the footer is very tacky.
          The ability to print these things is obvisously NOT for submission to a customer. I wish they were, however. In essence, I have to make and print my own invoice, packing slips, quotes, etc.... to exclude the header and footer info.


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            why open a ticket?
            Aren't these things fixed on the software that all of us use?


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              Originally posted by cekman View Post
              but would like to remove the footer too.
              What footer are you referring to?


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                The bottom of every page has the path to the print.asp page

                For example mine has


                Then it prints the date

                Also the top has Page 1 of 1 etc. If I print multiple pages in batch then I send the customer pages number 2 of 4 etc.

                If there's a way to remove these I would really appreciate knowing how. It's not worth it to pay 3Dcart $120 to do (seems every request is at least a 2 hour charge)
                C Ekman
                Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                  Is this on the template or is it being generated by the browser when you print the page. In IE try clicking on File and select Page Setup and clear out the Header and Footer fields. This may resolve your issue and won't cost you a $0.01


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                    That is exactly what it was! Thank you so much for the tip. It looks much better now. I had no idea this was caused by the browser.

                    Thanks again for your help.
                    C Ekman
                    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                      Happy to help.


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                        Wow...all this time I've been printing the packing slips and using a paper cutter to cut the bottom edge off all the slips...

                        Yes, thanks for the tip!


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                          nice tip!
                          That's what make this forum great!:)