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    On the main page of our site we're using the feature menu (<!--START: FEATURE_MENU-->). It seems to always show stuff that we would prefer not to show. Example, our store is mostly high end children's boutique clothing, furniture, etc but $4 bows seem to always be in the featured items list. Is there any way to control which products show for the features or which products to not show?


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    I believe you would do this by checking (or un-checking) off the "Home Special" option in the product admin area.

    What I found works best is to only make certain products have the "Home Special" option chosen, and then, the application will randomly pick from those itesm and feature them on the home page.

    This is just a temporary thing for me. I personally don't like the "Featured Product" option and would rather design a beautiful home page on my own...but I've got so many other things that also need my attention, that the current look will have to stay for a while.