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Keywords for internal search...waste of time?

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  • Keywords for internal search...waste of time?

    Do any of you really put much time/effort into adding to the "Keywords" column during a product import? I'm not talking about keywords within your text, meta data, etc, I'm referring to the keywords used for the internal search engine on 3dcart (the search box on our stores where customers can input what they are looking for).

    I started adding to this column....but then realized that most of the keywords I was putting in are already included within my product name, page title, descriptions, etc. Do any of your know if it's necessary to add them again, or does the internal search engine already catolog the words in these other areas (description, title, name, etc.)

    Example: I have a product called the Marvy LePen. It's a writing pen. Do I need to put the keywords of Marvy & LePen into the keywords column, or will a search on either of those words already get the correct results?

    Hope my question made sense. It's late and I'm getting a little out of it. Thanks.


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    I believe that most fields are catalogued for the search. There are some exceptions such as the extra db fields but all of the main fields are captured from what I know.


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      I use it sometimes (not often) for common misspellings. For example I have a common cross stitch designer named Paula Vaughan - but customers always search on Paula Vaughn. This is VERY useful.

      I don't want to look like an idiot and spell it wrong on purpose - so I will put the misspelled version in the keywords.

      I will sometimes use it for other things also - but the majority of mine are blank.
      C Ekman
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