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Way to see individual page usage?

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  • Way to see individual page usage?

    Is there a way to see how may times a particular product is viewed, kind of like a page hit counter?

    What I want is this:

    I just introduced 80 new jewelry products yesterday and sent a notice to my customer's subscribed to my email list.

    I would like to see which of the pieces of jewelry they were interested in the most - this might lead to promotion on those pieces, or to me designing more jewelry that is a similar style.

    I would like to see a page hit for a particular product for a particular date or date range.

    This may be in the Web Stats - but I'm just seeing more summary stuff and may not be looking in the right place.

    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    I wonder if some reporting in Google Analytics will show you this information...

    Not completely sure though. I'm still trying to figure out how to take advantage of all of the reporting capabilities of both the web stats and Google Analytics.


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      If you have stats, you can track page visits.

      One other technique, is kind of basic, but handy is to create a 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent gif, with the file name being the product you'd like to track, and then putting a link to it in your product description. You can then go to the stats, view the statistics for your file types and see how many times it was downloaded.

      Its very, very crude, but works to give you a basic idea. I suggest using smarter stats so that you can track every page, and referral links.


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        You can definitely do this with Google Analytics if you are using it. If not I suggest setting up an account.


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          is the Google Analytics free?
          I seem to remeber a problem discussed about it and 3dcart. Is all that resolved?
          I have a Google Base account and a Webmaster Tools account.
          Is the install easy and does it have any impact on your site performance, any security issues or any impact on SEO or crawlers?
          Thanks! :)


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            Yes, Google Analytics is completely free. Although I haven't taken the time to realize all of the benefits - the data that it provides has been invaluable. (i.e. knowing exactly how and where visitors arrived on our sites, what keywords they used to get there, how many pages they visited on a particular visit, what our daily visitor count was, etc...)

            I guess the only drawback is what some say are related to privacy issues - not knowing exactly how Google uses the data collected on websites.


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              I seem to remeber a problem discussed about it and 3dcart. Is all that resolved?
              I believe the problem discussed on these forums relates to the code you place on your site. If you use the old tracking code there is no proble, but if you use the new code you will have problems with tracking conversions.