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    Hopefully this is the correct forum. Not sure, but since it isn't really design I thought I'd just ask it here.

    The in-cart Newsletter app. Looks to be okay. Maybe not as robust as say iContact. But looks useable. Brings up some questions, tho'.
    1. Is there a limit to the number of members you can have on the list?
    2. Will the in-cart app actually manage your lists for you? Or should we continue to use iContact?
    3. If I have, say 3000 names on my list, will it send to all of them? Or is there an internal cut off? And does it use my server or a mail list server?
    4. If we would rather use iContact I'm assuming we can turn off the in-cart system and use code from iContact in it's place?

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    Believe it or not, here's one I figured out on my own. ;) Got the NL redirected to iContact, tested and it's fine.

    How many places in this cart is the sign up displayed? Our last cart had it hidden in about 4 different spots. Made it hard to redirect all of them.


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      depending on your design...should just be in the frame.html file


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        The frame.html file. Okay, found that. But I just disabled it in Settings and added my own code and image. PopsUp the signup app. Could the frame.html be modded to send to iContact instead of the internal app? Looking at it, it seems to be a <form post, so I guess I could try that if I felt adventurous. ??


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          I use icontact too, and that would be sweet. Let me know how you make out.

          Even when customers click the "email me" box at checkout, I haven't received any new subscribers since April. I was told this was an error in the cart and that it would be "fixed with the new release"

          Anyone else having this trouble?