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  • Shipping methods - weight

    How do you setup your shipping methods as regards to weight?
    I almost lost an order today because the weight was too heavy. I had my max box weight set as 175 lbs, but, the order was 240 lbs. The customer called to say that she couldn't check out because there was an error about "no shipper available to your location" or some such! :(
    I thought that over weight order ship in more than one box. Is this not true?
    For some reason, no shipment by UPS can way more than 150 lbs (total) no matter what I put in the admin panel. Anyone can replicate this test?

    Looks like UPS ground shipments are limited to 150 lbs. Anyone know a way to get a single order that is over 150 lbs to calculate? I sure would hate to ask customers to split their order into multiple.
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    Go to Settings -> General

    Under Checkout make sure you have Allow "Shipping will be calculated later"

    Then - if the customer's weight is over the limit - they will see "Shipping will be calculated Later" in stead of "No shipping to your area"

    Then you can get back to them

    You may be able to change what it says in the Languages section - I didn't check that.

    Hope this helps
    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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      Thanks. That won't work, though, darnit! :(
      From what the description says, it allows the person to complete checkout with charges for shipping. This would be a bad thing. I don't have their credit card number, so, I couldn't charge them later for shipping, plus, it could be an issue as one might think.
      I have put the error message "your order is over 150 pounds and cannot be shipped" until I can't figure something out. I'm not sure why you can't have an order calculate that is over 150 pounds...even if the max box weight is 70. :confused:
      I am researching on Internet, all I found so far is "UPS XML-RPC Interface" that some folks are looking into.
      Anyone have an issue with multiple boxes and orders over 150 lbs?
      Jimmy fixed this for me. Working now. :-)
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        Mark - could you customize the message to say:

        Shipping can't be calculated due to weight of order. Call us for shipping rates. 999-999-9999

        Would that work for those few orders that are over 150 lbs?
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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          Support fixed this for me. They had to wipe the shipping method and start from scratch! All fixed now! :)


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            Yeah! I'm glad they got it working for you!
            C Ekman
            Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner