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    On the view cart page there are the featured products below the shopping cart. Where is the setting for this? I seem to have only two show up and would like three but don't see a setting. Also where are these drawn from--all products or where?

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    I was wondering this as well. I'm actually trying to turn mine off.


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      You can find the control for the number of products to show in the

      Settings -> General -> Store settings page.

      Items on View Cart [] and a checkbox to disable it.
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        I do have that checked with "3" for number of products, but it only shows two.

        I also tried checking "view cart enabled", but it didn't seem to change anything. So now I have a 2nd question. I think there was a reason I didn't have "view cart enabled" checked but can't remember what it was. So when you answer my first question, could you also answer this one.

        And, onering, I'm curious why you want to turn off featured products there?

        EDIT 03/22: I found my notes on the View Cart Enable. Enabled, it takes customer to view cart page each time they add an item to their cart.

        Now back to our regularly scheduled question: how do I get 3 feature products to show on the view cart page? Just for kicks, I changed the settings to "4" and now three show up. verrrrrry strange.......
        thank you
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          Originally posted by dynoJean
          And, onering, I'm curious why you want to turn off featured products there?
          It just doesn't make sense for the products we sell. The way we have our store arranged is that each subcategory is a general product and each product within the subcategory is an individual size. We do it this way because the shipping weight from size to size can vary greatly. It also gives us a way of tracking inventory.

          A given customer on our site 99% of the time is looking for one specific size. When they see the view cart random featured products, they will almost always be the wrong size (because they are chosen at random).

          Since there is almost no chance that one of the randomly generated featured products will entice a customer to click on them, we have decided to keep them off the page rather than having them be a distraction. After all, we don't want anything taking their attention off of the checkout button :D


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            Gotcha, onering. Thanks for the explanation. It makes a lot of sense.