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Really need to get this forum moving

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  • Really need to get this forum moving

    all 3dcart users need to get this forum MOVING!

    There's no better way to sales than the sharing of information.......:)

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    I submit to googlebase every 2 weeks. That's my business plan on site 1
    however, site 2 is dismal in rank. Can't figure it out, yet.


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      Mark - I agree. I thinks it's amazing that the forum states that the record login at one time for the forum is over 100. I never see more than one or two users signed in at one time.

      I wish we had much more 'action' on the forums.

      I'm working on googlebase. I have all of my products there- but my image URL didn't go through. Trying to figure that one out.

      Plus I don't show up in searches unless you type the exact title of my product in. Not sure why.

      For example - I created a field in my date feed called Product_Type and most of my products have a product_type of "Cross Stitch". If you type cross stitch in the search on google base - my name shows up as a merchant/company (Cobweb Corner) - but if you click on my name - there are NO products. Still trying to figure that one out.

      Once I get the feed figured out I think it will be great.

      Do you export your products to create the feed, or do you have another program that creates it for you?
      C Ekman
      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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        I have to export the products, save the file, and then go to googlebase account and upload the file. The googlebase ftp upload doesn't work from the cart directly.


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          " I created a field in my date feed called Product_Type "

          what kind of feed do you have? :confused:


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            I also have to export my Googlebase file, login into my Google account and then upload the file manually. Would love to be able to do it directly from the cart. I thought that I put all of the correct info in the setup fields.

            I wonder if others have figured this out or if this is a bug in the system.


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              I manually upload my feed as well. I'm a big fan of Base. Around 30% of my sales (as dismal as they are) have come from Base.


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                If your feed does not change much week to week, you can place the file on the 3dCart server in the main web directory and google will grab it as often as you want. We have it updating every week.


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                  There is an upload ftp to google/froogle but it stopped working....for some reason, it won't log you in properly anymore.
                  I like froogle, and it does account for 1/3 of my sales as well! :D
                  Again, as dismal as they are right now....:(
                  Things will pickup though, I hope, as we enter the winter season with more shoppers indoors. That's why I want to get thing talking in here to share tips and tricks for boosting conversion! :)


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                    Everything needs to get moving...

                    ...knowledge base.
                    ...better Quickbooks compatability.
                    ...better response to feature requests.
                    ...more frequent software updates.
                    ...more communication, period.


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                      I uses a comma-delimited text file and manually upload. that part is easy - but I have trouble getting the file just right. I have to make sure the image link is correct and I have to create the link to the product - not hard - but a little time-consuming I just updated over 2,000 products today - we'll see how it goes.
                      C Ekman
                      Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                        You don't use the file 3dcart creates for you?


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                          No - I guess not - I do a product export - using a custom export to get the ID, description, image url, name.

                          Then I manipulate that to get the http: in front of the image file - things like that.

                          Obviously I'm missing something- what file should I be using?

                          Thanks for the helpl
                          C Ekman
                          Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner


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                            Go to "PLUGINS"
                            "SHOPPING ENGINES"
                            and click submit feed
                            click to download the export file
                            save as yoursite.txt
                            use this file to upload to googlebase.
                            It is formatted correctly for google/froogle and will post within a few hours.
                            Hope this helps.....



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                              Well I feel foolish!

                              I even searched the KB on Googlebase and Froogle and never found anything there - so just was doing it myself.

                              This should be a little easier!

                              Thank you Mark!
                              C Ekman
                              Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner