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  • Advanced Product Options bug

    Just letting users know there is an advanced options bug in the product options.
    Example: I have a product that is 4lb, 6lb or 8lb weight for item in the advanced options field. PROBLEM?
    Well, if you use a different weight for each of the three items, the TOTAL weight will render in the print order screen.
    So, if a customer order 1 of the 8lb item, when you go to the order form, it says 18lbs, the total of the three advanced options. Same thing happens for the "stock" of the adds all three.....:(

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    Hi Mark,
    That does not sound right. I would love to look into this for you, If you have not yet, please place a support ticket so we can look into this. (Include the item ID you are testing with)
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      Okay, let me clarify a litlle more.
      A customer orders item 1 which is 3lbs.
      Well, item 1 comes in three sizes, 3lbs, 4llbs, 5lbs.
      So, in advanced options, I put the weight as 3, 4 and 5
      Now, when I go to the order and do "Split shipment" to separate this item as a ship separately, then the problem happens.
      The total weight of the item is 12 lbs.....the total of the three advanced options.
      Try it! :)


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        I don't get it...because the weight is assigned to the order when the customer "Adds to cart", so ,if they chose the 3lbs product, and assuming the weight of the option was 3lbs (and assuming product weight being 0 since you are tracking weight on the options), then the total weight for that item would have been 3lbs. What happens after the order is placed will not affect the order weight.

        Now, if you did a split shipment, i assume that they had more than 1 item on the order, so obviously the weight for the order would be more than 3lbs, unless the second item was 0lbs?

        I am interested in seeing this behavior, if you don't mind PM me the Order# or item # you have set this up with so i can do a test order myself.
        Gonzalo Gil
        3dCart Support
        800-828-6650 x111


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          Okay, I figured out my problem.

          I had never been using advanced options, but, always wanted to, but, couldn't get it to calculate shipping correctly.

          So, I had a product that came in three sizes (weights), and, in the information page of the item I used the average weight of the three different sizes: ie: 22 lbs.
          So, when a customer purchsed the big size (26lbs) they would only be charged for the 22 lbs shipment. I lost a little, broke even or gained a little, depending which size they ordered.

          Determined to get this to work accurately, I went to the advanced options page, and input the weight of the three sizes 18 22 and 26. and clicked save.
          When the customer purchased the middle size they paid for 44 lbs! (22lbs weight, PLUS the weight of the item on the information page) :eek:

          So, if you choose to use "advanced items", please be sure to clear your stock total and weight info on the information page of the item FIRST! Also, if you use the [stock] variable (which I was) in any of your html, it won't work correctly with advanced options because the three different sizes are added together to get the in-stock value. Is there a variable that represents the true in-stock amount of the individual advanced option? :confused:
          Last edited by Mark; 09-26-2008, 01:48 PM.


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            This seems so odd to me, because I use advanced product options on some of my products, and this has never happened to me.