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How to remove category from products

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  • How to remove category from products

    I submitted a ticket but don't think this can be done easily??

    I want to remove a category from around 900 products, without affecting the other categories that are assigned to these products.

    Any easy way to do this without going into each one individually.

    I tried a MOVE where I viewed all of the products from the category I want removed, then moved to a higher level category it was already in - but that eliminated ALL of the categories that the product was in.

    C Ekman
    Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner

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    Will a product export, and then revise your import csv file do the trick?


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      I also was going to suggest a product export, deleting the category and reimporting the products with the new category info.

      Are all of the categories the same - so that if you deleted everything in the the category column and then copied and pasted the new categories into that column - it would work?

      If the categories aren't the same and this wouldn't be feasible - I wonder if there is a way to do the opposite of a CONCATENATE function in Excel - where instead of adding data to a group of cells - you could delete the same data from a group of cells???

      I haven't figured out how to do that...but maybe someone else has???


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        Yes - export is what tech support suggested. I'll have to do that. The categories are not all the same - but I can do a replace in Excel and replace the category with an empty string - that should work.

        Thanks for the input.
        C Ekman
        Owner/Designer: Cobweb Corner