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  • Shipping Method - Free Shipping

    I had been having a problem with a free shipping option showing up under Step 2 of the checkout, but had not added this shipping method to my store. So, I contacted support.

    Apparently by checking off the gift certificate option the software will insert a free shipping option in the checkout. I was told this was a known problem within the software and will be fixed upon completion of the new version.

    Gift Certificate Option Info presently indicates the following will happen when item checked: Indicates whether this product can be purchased using a gift certicate.

    I had to go in an uncheck all of the gift certicate options under each product to get rid of the free shipping option.

    Just thought I would list this info in case someone else comes across this problem prior to store migration to the new 3dcart version 3.0.

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    Yes, the documentation is wrong on that feature. Checking gift certificate will make the item you check be a gift certificate, and since those have free shipping, that's why it's showing up in your store.

    I hope someone changes that documentation soon!