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View Cart in Frame.html? Checkout Path?

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  • View Cart in Frame.html? Checkout Path?

    As I'm getting feedback for testing this week from some of my key customers - I'm finding a lot of them are asking for a "View Cart" option that they can click on at any time to see exactly what is in their cart (no matter where they are on the site - including in the middle of check-out). On the Home page the right bar has the box for carts which I'd like to keep - but it doesn't show the pictures and the products are not a live link back to change anything (you can only change the quantity here and update it). in desperate need of a "View Cart" button/link that will view along with the other ones in this box (update cart and clear cart). I've tried adding a line in the frame.html section with no luck. Now I don't know if I'm making it harder than it needs to be - any help?

    Checkout Path (right upper address bar)...shows the path for checkout: Address>>Shipping>>Payment>>ThankYou but they are not live links back to the specific page so that a customer can change something without having to go through to the final step and edit - is there a way to get them live without too much hassle?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I think you can use a button with


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      Still no luck (I've tried a couple of things - and able to get a link going) but it's blank and leading to nowhere - I'm feeling rather clueless and codeless :o

      Any other suggestions?


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        if doesn't work, open a support ticket.
        I think that is the proper link to the cart. I could be wrong, tho.......anyone chime in here please..