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  • Credit Card Processor Field Length

    I know this probably belongs in the account gateway section, but, may get more visability here.
    I recently changed credit card processors and immediately had some issues. Customers were getting denied at step 4 of checkout. Seems the new processor wouldn't allow the field lengths that 3dcart was passing on in the checkout form. The customer received no notification other than the "cannot process at this time". Fortunately, the credit card processor DID return a response to the admin panel about fields being too long. So, I downloaded the user/developer guide for my processor and it had specifications for the length of customer info fields. Then, I updated my formvaildator in the step 1 and 3 templates. Think all is fixed. Cross fingers. :)
    Just an FYI if some users are having weird problems at step 4. Your procesor might not return the reason for rejection.
    The strangest ones I had that I thought were odd was, zip-code max length 9 and max length address 20. Folks were putting in their nine digit zip, or "zip plus four" as 12345-6789 which is ten characters. They really got frustrated why they couldn't checkout! My cart allowed 20 characters so they received no error. Same for the address lines: folks would put Such and Such Comany Incorporated for address line 2 and would get rejected as well. And, the most puzzling issue was that the card processor had different length fields for the shipping and billing address components! Just sharing info! :)