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  • 3dcart Photo Editor Question

    Does anyone know the scaling or optimizing of jpg files the 3dcart uses? :confused:
    I use photoshop elements to save my images, however, once I upload to 3dcart, I use their editor to resize to the SAME width. This results in a substantial filesize savings with little detriment to image quality. If I knew the ratio of what it simplifies the images, I could do it in elemnets prior to uploading, saving a step.

    I had bandwidth and page loading issues in the past. once I resize my images for a smaller file size with nearly same image quality, it's a win win. :)

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    Can you just right click on the resulting image after you have 3DC process it and check the properties? This would give you the dimensions and also the file size. From there you can tweak your images using this and the assumption that they are optimized to 72 dpi to find a happy medium between quality and file size.