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Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS)

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  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS)

    Has anyone received notification about the above?

    I use Linkpoint for my credit card processing. They're associated with(?) First Data/Cardservice International. (Actually, I don't know how they're all connected or who does what, but they all play a part in my credit card processing.) The letter is from First Data Independent Sales and it references my merchant & vendor numbers with Linkpoint.

    I'm supposed to have my site "certified" (at no charge; First Data is picking it up and will assess a fee per month only if the site is not certified), but I can't possibly answer some of the technical questions regarding the security of my site, firewall, etc.

    I've contacted 3dCart Support, but only a short while ago so they haven't had time to answer yet.

    In the meantime, though, has anyone else had to go through this procedure? I wondered if it were a come-on, but as it concerns credit card processing and Web site security, I think it's for real.

    Thanks for any comments.


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    do a search on Scanalert. 3dcart let's you become PCI compliant with an affilation with them (Scanalert)


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      Thank you for your response, Mark.

      Did you go through the process of using ScanAlert and becoming PCI compliant?

      I'm having all sorts of trouble with it. I keep getting flagged for vulnerabilities. As I'm not technical enough to understand what the flagged problems are (and I don't have access to the infrastructure to correct them anyhow), I'm stuck.

      McAfee's help is too technical for me. So far, 3dCart has provided little guidance other than advising me on how to complete the questionnaire, which I did. But it's not enough. My certificate still shows that my site isn't compliant, so I can't give the certificate to my credit card processor.

      I've chosen 3dCart as my Web hosting service. Don't they make sure the sites they host have up-to-date security in place? If so, why won't my site pass the ScanAlert tests? I'm not savvy enough to have altered it in some way to affect the security rating.

      Anyone else care to weigh in here? Has anyone else used this McAfee service? (3dCart has arranged for it for all of its merchants.)



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        I use ScanAlert. When I have vulnerabilities, I put in a support ticket with 3dcart. If they need more info from me, they usuaslly ask, and ultimately fix the vulnerability.