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Safe countries to ship to?

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  • Safe countries to ship to?

    Does anyone know of a list of the safest and perhaps least safe countries to ship to fraud wise? Just looking for something to use as a rule of thumb.
    Steve Teske
    Director of eCommerce
    Hogan Walker LLC

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    I think most of the countries on the list U-PIC provides are considered high fraud / risk. However I have shipped to several of them with no lost packages (Russia, India, Indonesia, Bolivia, Malaysia) but we are only talking a small number of total package (20 or so). The only countries I have hand regular problems with are Brazil (on the list) and Italy (both are total black holes with almost every package either taking for ever or disappearing.


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      There is NO safe country to ship to. This includes the United States. Fraud, scams, dishonesty rears it's ugly head worldwide. :(
      Unfortunately, it's a cost of doing ecommerce business.
      We very quickly stopped shipping outside the continental US, yet still have to deal with scam and fraud about once a month. Sometimes more often. :(