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  • Where to report fraud?

    I just happened to stumble upon a fraudulent use of a card this morning, and am wondering if anyone knows where we can report this so the unsuspecting cardhold can be notified? I called the number to get the issuing bank's number, but it is only a recorded message to verify the address.

    I had an order come in overnight, passed the AVS check, but I just happened to check to see which orders were not completed last night. For one incomplete order they made it through Step 3 of checkout, and the card was declined. Happened to be the same amount as an order the order that came in, shipping address was the same, but billing address was different.

    I logged into my PayPal Manager (we use Payflo Pro, NOT PayPal), and saw that there was actually a second failed attempt for the same amount--again, different billing address, but same shipping. The billing addresses were far different, one in New Mexico, one in New York, and one in Texas--and of course, they had requested overnight shipping (ship it fast, before they find out its fraud). So, I attempted to call the number listed on the shipping address, and of course it was a non-working number.

    I absolutely hate these people! I want to give the authorities the shipping address, IP address, anything I can to catch them, but in the past no one has been interested. They just write it off, and charge the other consumers higher interest rates to make up for their losses (not to mention the chargeback fees/hassles they put us through). So anyway, if anyone knows who I can give this information to, I would gladly do so.

    Just glad I happened to stumble upon this one!

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    As far as I know there is no place you can report this that will treat it with any urgency. It's just part of the cost of doing business.


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      I figured as much. As a consumer, it just infuriates me. :(


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        Interant fraud center via FBI

        Report fraud here. I had a customer that did a chargeback and I reported her here. They forwarded the information to the DA in New York where she was placing fraudulant order from her computer at the Veterans Affairs office. I filled out the form on a Friday and received a call the next week asking for all of the info.

        They really threw the book at here. I didn't get my 100.00 dollars back or merchandise as the fact that she went to jail for years over this (its always the little things that bring the big scammers down) yet the credit card companies didn't see enough evidence to support me.


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          Forgot the link:


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            Thanks! Hopefully I won't need it--we've been pretty fortunate lately (knocking . . . no, POUNDING on wood!)


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              This appears to be the appropriate place. I've tried it twice, however, and never gotten a response.


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                Thanks for sharing that link. If nothing else you can at least get the satisfaction of somebody caring enough to the information. The banks or card processing companies don't even care enough to take your complaint.

                I have been getting a lot of CC fraud lately. Most I catch but a few have gotten through an are very costly. This seems to have become a much bigger problem since I went to 3D cart and When I used to do point of service processing (not allowed on 3Dcart) I had a lot less issues. I have honestly considered going to strictly PayPal which I never seem to have issues with concerning fraud.


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                  I receive a fraudulent order every couple weeks like clockwork
                  They order the first 10 things they see on the site, express shipping to an address many states away from the billing address with a dead phone number.

                  I send an email asking them to call to confirm the order, after a couple days of silence I just refund the order back through PayPal Pro.

                  I got burned once 3 months ago cost me about $350 in lost merchandise.

                  I'm curious why they want the merchandise. These are adult sexy clothes, they order random sizes so I can't believe they are being ordered by someone that actually wants these products. Makes me fell like I'm missing part of the scam and they want me to reject the order for some reason