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Adding Paypal to my repertoire

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  • Adding Paypal to my repertoire

    Right now I am currently accepting CC only (visa, mastercard, discover and amex) through

    I am looking for some ways to increase conversion and the idea of implementing paypal has come up. I am trying to learn a little about their fees and collecting my money, but moreso am wondering if anyone has experience with this and if it increases conversion? Thx!

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    PayPal Governed Only by User Agreement

    Fees are not a problem with PayPal. Read their User Agreement VERY CLOSELY. For one thing your account can be frozen at their will just because you pose a "risk". Unless you live in one of the particular states that have enacted legislation dealing with PayPal, you will NOT have an appeal process. Secondly, read provisions about Buyer and Seller protection. You must be able to provide online shipping tracking on ALL orders. This means USPS Express Mail or UPS if shipping outside the US & Canada (PayPal will accept proof of shipment and customs form number as online tracking for Canadian shipments so you can get by with Priority Mail). We came to life on eBay and use PayPal there but DO NOT accept it on our site. ENOUGH SAID.


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      Most of those issues apply with regular merchant accounts too. The best bet is to not put all your eggs in one basket.