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Anyone use CIM?

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  • Anyone use CIM?

    We enabled the CIM (customer information manager) on our account because 3DCart supports it. It is supposed to automatically submit payment details on new orders to, to create a kind of secure wallet that returning customers can access to use previously-used credit cards.

    I did a test order on my site that is currently being developed and it didn't seem to work. I contacted 3DCart support and they said they didn't see anything wrong on their end and that I should contact support.

    I have done so and am waiting for a response..

    A) Does anyone currently use this feature with success?
    B) Am I unreasonable in thinking that 3DCart should be the one working to find the problem and solution with, and I shouldn't have to be involved?

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    CBSteven, I see you haven't had many responses to your post. We have been using's CIM for the past 6 months or so. I recall having a few hiccups getting it set up at first, but once we got it going it seemed to work pretty well. Have you had any luck getting yours off the ground?

    That being said, we are now having issues with it because we switched to a different merchant account provider. Cybersource was holding our funds for months before they would release them to be deposited into our accounts, so we axed them in favor of Chase. We retained as our geteway processor, but this forced us to set up a new account for the new merchant account. Now we are getting error messages when trying to access the credit card info for any customer who added a card when the old merchant account was in effect. This is understandable, because the old CIM under the old account is no longer being mapped by the API login and key. However, there is no way for a customer to go into their account to update their credit card information. In other words, it appears that the customer record is tied to that old account. 3dCart's programmers are looking at this issue as I write this. Hopefully they will have a solution in place soon.


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      We have two accounts and we were able to get it to work with 3DC using our second account. Never did figure out why it wouldn't work with our initial account.

      Thanks for the reply