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Need suggestions for a payment processor

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  • Need suggestions for a payment processor

    We are in the process of building a new site. On our current site we use as our shopping cart. We have been told 3dcart does not support this shopping cart so now we need another way to collect credit card payments. This was a disappointment as mals is FREE! We simply looked up the cc info and hand keyed into our cc terminal at our store. We need a processor that has a low monthly fee and good rates. Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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    Well all the ones I know are roughly the same price. Most people on 3dcart use one of these 3. You do need addon the advance security for paypal website payments pro if you go that way so you can decline payments that do not match on info.

    Paypal Website Payments Pro with Added Security
    3dcart Merchant.

    All of these once its all said and done will cost around $50.00 a month plus fees. If your not wanting to spend anything up front you could use the integrated paypal standard that's hooked into cart, and in the checkout your customers would just be sent to a paypal page where they could either pay with paypal balance or credit card, and they do not have to signup for paypal to use this. Myself I use paypal website payments pro, paypal, and google checkout. Honestly I could not suggest paypal website payments pro at this time as the support is not that great at the moment the only reason we use it is because we sell other places using paypal so just makes things easier for the books. Hope this helps you out and gives you some ideas.


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      We use Intuit/QB. We've been with them a couple of years now. Although I've been shopping rates and has some low rates. I was ready to switch and then I got QB to match their rates. So that tells me that they can bend their fees.


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        We also have a physical store, and when we first started 3dcart allowed you to collect the full card information in a form. (I think they have since stopped allowing that for security reasons)

        So we switched to, I picked them for one and only one reason, the CIM, which allows 3dcart to store the card information so that the customer does not have to enter it in each time.

        You cant just use, you have to go through a reseller, which has their own fees, I use Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc., which in turn uses Translink bank which in turn used the whole thing is quite ridiculous, but once everything is set up, its pretty simple.


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          it can be helpful to find a payment processing solution where the merchant account for payment acceptance (credit card and ACH) is bundled together with the solution that you want to use to collect and manage payments.

          We like this type of a setup because for support there is one phone number to call who can help with all of your issues, rather than being left to your own devices to try to figure out what happened to payments you thought were processed.