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Credit cards being stolen ??

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  • Credit cards being stolen ??

    We've had a bunch of people just recently claiming that they're credit cards are being compromised right after making a purchase at our website.

    I know 3dcart will have the same opinion that I have and that it's not happening here but I'm getting a lot of heat on it and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?



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    3dcart does not save the card numbers. the numbers just pass through to your processor. You should check with them if they had any problems with compromised data.


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      stolen cards

      I'd look for the smoking gun in the merchant processor's hands - they have all the CC numbers and the low paid employees


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        Compromised Credit Cards

        A Few Questions:
        1. How many is "a bunch of people"?
        2. Did these orders in question happen one after the other, or were they separated by days/weeks?
        3. Were the sales completed on your site by the customers?
        4. Were the sales phone orders?

        Phone orders make me nervous. They are not as safe for transmitting personal financial information.


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          Sorry for the delay in response as I was away for the last 2 weeks.

          What we're seeing, since about the middle of January is that we're getting 5 or 6 reports per week of people seeing fraudelent charges on thier cards shortly after making a purchase with us. Prior to this we had may 1 or 2 per year.

          The time frame between reports varies but has been fairly consistent and even as recently as today. All are from online sales, not phone orders.

          I know 3dcart as well as our compnay has no cc data. We've been processing through first data and 3dcart since Jan of 2010.

          I'm thinking maybe someone has a link to our website in an activex control or iframe of some type and people running old browsers may have some cross scripting vulnerabilites but can't say for sure.

          When we ask the folks that say that it's happening to them for some specifics, like browser type and version, if they clicking a link or going to the website directly, etc and most never respond :(

          I can see people radomly logging tickets on our ticket system for no reason so just seeing if anyone else has run across anything remotely like this.

          thanks, Mark